A Bit Of Everything Linky – Week #11

Hello everyone and welcome back after the christmas break. This is Week 11 of #abitofeverything. As the title suggests this is a Linky for all sorts of posts. Fact, fiction, happy, ranty, crafts, cooking, photos or kids are just some of the type of posts we have had linked up in the past few weeks.
If you are new to #abitofeverything, welcome to the party we are a community of friendly supportive bloggers who enjoy sharing the blogger love with one another. If you have never used a linky before check out this post My Linky Guide .
If you are an old hat, welcome back, pull up a stool, pour a drink and try to get a slice of cake before a certain Agent Spitback eats it all.

Most Viewed Post Of The Week

Most Viewed Post
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Our most viewed post from before Christmas comes from the one and only Absolutely Prabulous.  7 Christmas Traditions That Stress Me Out  is a self explanitory post, which includes things such as reindeer poop and lighting the way for Santas sleigh. Well done Prabs, grab your badge and wear it on your blog with pride.

Out Of The Hat Posts

The Our first out of the hat post this week comes from Naptime Natter A Night At An Adult Panto— “Beauty and her Beast”— need I say more? A wonderful Adult Night out with family and friends with drinks, something we all need to do every once in a while.
The second out the hat post comes from The World according to Izzie – The Student Guide To Christmas At Home – a hilarious and real list of what really happens at Christmas and the lead up to Christmas when you have much older children!
Our last out the hat post this week is from Eugenia Nazarova – Are You Eager To Expand Your Career Options She shares the amazing digital campaign run by Edith Cowan University on helping teens make the right study paths! The digital technology is amazing!

The Rules

Nearly everyone who links here follows these few rules and this has helped to build up a lovely community already, but a tiny number of people are using the linky to dump posts without the badge and without commenting (despite friendly reminders from El and myself). We will now be blocking bloggers that do this more than once.

Please link up to two posts, old or new. They can be on any subject except giveaways.

Please use the linky badge on any posts you link up.

Please comment on both host posts, the post before yours and as many others as you have time for.

The linky will run from 10am (GMT) Tuesday to 12 Midday Saturday.

We will share any posts that have been tweeted to us using the hashtag #abitofeverything and our twitter names @MrsGrohl4 or @AgentSpitback

A Bit Of Everything
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To add your link please click on the blue frog

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      Yes thank you, the break was very enjoyable, and gave me a chance to get this self hosting thing sorted Xx

    • taabrahams73@gmail.com says:

      Thank you it was a lovely break, and it gave me time to go self hosting, so yes this is my super new designed blog Xx

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